Why Do You Need to Care for the Dentin in Your Teeth?

You probably already know why the enamel of your teeth is important, it serves as a shield for the rest of the tooth. Not as many people know much about dentin though, the most important layer of the tooth. The dentin in your teeth is the second layer, directly below the enamel and it makes up the main structure of your tooth. If your dentin goes bad, your whole tooth is lost, which is why it’s so important to care for your dentin.


The Role and Importance of the Dentin in Your Teeth

Dentin is the backbone of the tooth and makes up the main structure, protects the pulp and houses the nerves of your tooth as well. Dentin helps your tooth function properly and when it’s exposed because of enamel wear, you’ll notice increased sensitivity when eating or drinking. This is because nerves are housed in the dentin layer of the tooth and they can be directly stimulated by hot or cold foods when that layer is visible.

The dentin in your teeth is continually growing and regenerating itself, and it will remain healthy as long as tooth decay is kept at bay. The dentin in your teeth are what give you the color that you have as well. Dentin can vary in color from a cream-colored white, to a deep yellow, and will generally give your teeth their overall color. By taking care of your teeth and undergoing whitening treatments, you can make sure that the detin in your teeth remains white, and so does your smile. Dentin is the majority of your tooth, and without this very tough substance, the same stuff that elephant tusks are made from, you won’t have a functioning tooth any longer.

If you’re concerned about the health of your teeth, and you want to ensure that you’re doing everything you can for them, come see us at Dest Family Dentistry. We’ll examine the dentin in your teeth, and the rest of your tooth to make sure they’re all in tip-top shape.