Why You Should Stay Upright Following Oral Surgery

There are rules and regulations that go with oral surgery, it is important to know all of them so you can be as safe and comfortable as possible. It is often recommended that patients stay upright following oral surgery. By understanding the expected rules of oral surgery allows you to go through the procedure without having to worry about problems arising because of it. Dest Family Dentistry can help.

Stay Upright Following Oral Surgery

Dental professionals recommend that patients stay upright after oral surgery for a few different reasons. It is important to help the bleeding stop after the procedure. Often times the patient feels tired and wants to lay down. This can be done, but the head should be elevated using pillows. It is also important to not fall asleep with the gauze in your mouth. This is a choking hazard.

It is recommended that the bleeding stops before taking out the gauze. The patient might also notice blood tinged saliva after the procedure, but once the bleeding subsides, this will become less. The patient doesn’t need to worry about excessive bleeding after this point.

Medications should be taken according to the prescription. They should also be taken on time to reduce the chances of the pain happening. With this in mind, patients are advised to take them prior to the numbing wearing off.

Always listen to the advice and recommendations of the dentist to prevent further problems. Oral surgery can go smoothly and provide the patient with many benefits.

Speak with our dentists at Dest Family Dentistry in North Carolina to find out what is required for your dental plan. It is important to stay on top of your oral hygiene, dentistry work and other factors for a healthier, brighter smile. The dentists at Dest Family can help you achieve your greatest, healthiest smile.