Understanding What a Dental Emergency Is

If you are faced with a dental emergency, you must obtain treatment right away. Yet, many people don’t understand what a dental emergency really is. On one end of the spectrum, not knowing when one is facing a dental emergency can lead to a costly delay in treatment that could end up causing unnecessary damage to your teeth—or even the complete loss of teeth. On the other end of the spectrum, treating a certain situation as a dental emergency when it is not can cause costly (and unnecessary) dental bills.

At Dest Family Dentistry, we are here to help you understand the difference. We care about your dental health; at the same time, we work hard to help you keep your dental expenses to a minimum. Here’s how to identify a true dental emergency.

Are You Facing the Imminent Loss of or Permanent Damage to a Tooth?

Understanding What a Dental Emergency IsA classic example of a dental emergency is a situation where the loss of a tooth will result if you don’t seek immediate help. For example, a tooth that has been knocked out would qualify, as would a tooth with a crack in it.

Other situations that qualify as a dental emergency are cases where there is prolonged bleeding from a tooth or the gum tissue, or a situation where intervention is necessary to alleviate extreme pain. A toothache may or may not qualify, depending on the severity of the pain—of course, if there’s any question in your mind, it may be wise to treat it as a dental emergency.

We Can Help You When Facing a Dental Emergency!

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, it is very important that you get treatment right away. Don’t risk the loss of a tooth or permanent injury.

Here at Dest Family Dentistry, we are here for you. Contact us right away and we will help you with your dental emergency.