Things to Remember After Oral Surgery to Boost Healing

If you are planning on oral surgery, you can make the process go much easier and speed healing by keeping a few things in mind.

Avoid Hard Foods After Oral Surgery

Things to Remember After Oral Surgery to Boost HealingWhile it may seem like it is intuitive, a surprising number of people slow the healing process simply by eating foods that their gum tissue is not yet ready to handle. Foods with any sort of crunch—such as chips, tacos, and so on—are pretty rough on your gums. It’s best to avoid them until your oral tissues are completely healed.

Likewise, foods that are overly chewy can cause problems, so avoid them as well. It’s best to stick to smooth and creamy foods such as soups, yogurt, and so on. These foods require little or no chewing and won’t re-injure your suture site.

Avoid Using Straws

You may not realize it, but using a straw can place significant stress on gum tissue that has been cut open and sutured. The suction involved in pulling liquids up the straw can also cause clots or even sutures to come out of your gum tissue. It’s best to avoid straws until your mouth has healed.

Use a Mild Disinfectant

To speed up healing, you can use a very mild disinfectant to keep your mouth clean. Some people like to use a solution of warm salt water as a rinse. This is fine, but to cut down on the sting, you should probably start off with a very small amount of salt and gradually work up until you are comfortable.

Getting back on your feet after oral surgery can take some time, so don’t rush things. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, or simply drop by the office.

If you think you may need oral surgery, contact us and let’s talk. At Dest Family Dentistry, your health is our main concern.