Reasons to Stick with the Same Dentist Long-Term

It is very important for the sake of your oral health to stick with the same dentist for as much of your life as possible. Here at Dest Family Dentistry, we love seeing familiar faces every six months. It is important to us to keep you coming in like clockwork for regular checkups and cleanings. When you keep seeing different dentists, it can quickly cause issues with your oral health. Things can get overlooked, which would be more easily spotted if you kept going to the same dentist.

Benefits of Sticking with the Same Dentist for Years

Reasons to Stick with the Same Dentist Long-TermWhen you come in and see us every six months, like we recommend, we make notes of what little nuances are going on within your mouth. If anything looks worrisome, we keep track of it. When anything changes within your mouth, a notation is made in your chart. Even if the changes slowly take place over a couple of years, we are able to track it and know how long it took for it to get where it is now.

By going to many different dentists, that small change that is taking place over years could be missed. There are notations made by those other dentists as well, but if you don’t go back in, they have nothing to compare it to. This could end up leaving you in a situation where you are facing a bigger diagnosis down the line, which may have been avoided by seeing the same dentist over the same span of time.

As dentists, we understand that there are times where you need to change dental offices. When that comes up, call our offices and have us send along your records. This way, your new dentist can see the notations and keep an eye on the problems we were looking at. We all want your oral health to be maintained, and are willing to work together to make that happen.

If you want to find a dentist that can remain your long-term dentist, give us a call here at Dest Family Dentistry. We know how important it is to find the right dental home, and we go above and beyond for each patient we see.